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At Coorg Lagoon, deep in the heart of Coorg's thriving lush full hills, is this sublime experience so magical waiting to beguile you through the irrepressible charm of the Western Ghats.

Coorg as experienced from a deck chair and Coorg as experienced on the steep forested paths are two extremes of the magic spectrum. In this untamed land, you’ll find trails that lead right to your adventurous heart.
This land hasn’t fostered the brave children of the River Kaveri for nothing. So, bring your strongest, most daring self to Coorg Lagoon and we promise you won’t be disappointed in your quest for adventure.



We Provide the guest to have a Cycling facilities  Harangi backwater & enjoy the serenity of forest & the view of Green hills of Coorg .


We Provide the guest to have a boating facilities with Boatmen in the Harangi backwater & enjoy the serenity of Backwater & the view of Green hills of Coorg .


Harangi Backwater

Unwind at The Forest Tavern, with the finest liquor and handcrafted drinks to please even the most critical palettes. Experience elegance like never before as you enjoy a beautiful view of the Harangi Backwater while you sip on a glass of wine or one of our signature cocktails.

Food & Drink

Indulge yourself with flavors of food that burst in your mouth. We dish out a wide range of cuisines from around the world and food favorites that will whet your appetite.


The Honeymoon Experience

A land so mired in legend topped with the heady mix of coffee, velour, elfin mists, dreamscape topography and mood lighting cannot be far behind on love stories. Coorg is a perpetual elixir of romance - a veritable aphrodisiac for all the senses. There’s something about the hills that rekindles the flame and makes a cozy fireplace out of it.
Quiet mornings screened by the loving arms of the mists, the serenade of a dreamy waterfall, walks long enough for your hands to find their way back to each other, evenings lit by fireflies and much more make Lagoon a true harbor for eternal romance.
Breakfast in bed, cozy candle-lit dinners, blissful days where time ceases to have any meaning. Not to forget, The Falls in Love couple’s room at the Wilderness Spa that has a stunning view of the waterfall just for you and your partner. Do let us know in advance about the occasion, and we will organize the wine, the flowers, the mood and just about everything you need to make the day incredibly special.


Somwarpet offers some of South India’s most scenic and challenging trekking routes. Pushpagiri, Kumaraparvatha and Kottebetta are treks on every serious trekker’s must-do list and are conveniently located near Ayatana. A sizeable part of the trek will take you through scenic forests and past tiny springs. Bring a strong set of legs and a spirit that refuses to quit - and you’re good to go.




Harangi Backwater Road, Kushalnagar, Herur, Karnataka 571234

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